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A Traffic Diversion Plan (TDP) is a major requirement for the issuance of a Road Opening Permit (ROP) TMS holds an impressive resume in the design and execution of more than 1,000 plans since our design Engineers ensures that proper planning, diversion and traffic control techniques are considered when designing a TDP. 

Each design concept is up to the mark, providing passageway for traffic, keeping road users safe and diverting traffic away from construction zone and workers, thus enhancing safety at site.  

Once a design is finalized, TMS shall secure Ministry approvals, implement, maintain, and decommission the diversion plan aligned with Middle East standards with the requirements of Qatar’s Work Zone Traffic Management Guide (WZTMG), Qatar Traffic Control Manual (QTCM), Qatar Highways Design Manual (QHDM), Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS) and Road Safety Audit Guidelines.

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